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Optimum coil quality

On : 19. Apr 2024 / In : All

A compact wire wrap, where the height and width are almost the same, offers several advantages compared to elongated wire wraps:

  1. Shorter wire length: a compact wire coil generally requires a shorter wire length compared to an elongated wire coil to fill the same winding space. This leads to a more efficient use of the available wire material and reduces material costs.

  2. Reduced winding losses: With a compact wire coil, the windings are closer together and the wires are "lost" less in the air. This reduces the winding losses caused by parasitic resistance and parasitic capacitance between the windings. This contributes to improved winding efficiency.

  3. Reduced parasitic effects: The compact arrangement of the windings minimizes parasitic effects such as leakage inductance and capacitance. These parasitic effects can cause unwanted signal distortion and power loss. A compact wire wrap helps to reduce such effects and enables more precise signal transmission.

  4. Better heat dissipation: A compact wire wrap enables more efficient heat dissipation. As the windings are closer together, the heat is better distributed over the entire winding and can be dissipated more effectively to the environment. This helps to control the operating temperature and reduce the thermal load on the winding.

  5. Reduced electromagnetic interference: The compact arrangement of the windings reduces electromagnetic interference. The close proximity of the windings reduces the likelihood of magnetic coupling and cross-talk between the windings. This leads to improved signal integrity and reduced interference.

Overall, a compact wire wrap with almost the same height and width offers advantages in terms of material utilization, winding losses, parasitic effects, heat dissipation and electromagnetic interference.

Intertechnik recognized the importance of wire windings early on in its research and attached great importance to optimum winding quality when developing its induction coils.