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Why a bypass capacitor?

On : 19. Apr 2024 / In : All

Bypass capacitor

To achieve maximum resolution, speakers must be able to follow the must be able to follow the music signal in time, even with the finest details. Since capacitor requires a finite amount of time to charge, which is which is proportional to its capacitance, physics can be outwitted physics can be outwitted by adding a small capacitance capacitor, also known as a bypass capacitor, in parallel with the large capacitance. is connected in parallel. This small bypass capacitor now attaches itself to the heels of each individual peak and now covers the finest the finest ramifications in the audio signal. In the literature This circuit variant is also described in the literature as a pulse capacitor. In the Intertechnik Audyn Cap Q4 and in the Audyn Cap Copper max we offer very small capacitances down to 0.01uF for this application. The MICA mica capacitor is also suitable as a bypass capacitor.

Bypass tuning can also be easily integrated integrated into existing crossovers, as the value 0.010 uF is very small small and does not change the filter characteristics, but significantly significantly improves the impulse quality