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It is the year 1973. In a small, rural school building in the highlands “Eifel”, between discarded school desks and slates, a man begins to revolutionize coil technology: Heinz Wolf. With creative ideas, he is the first to develop inductor spools (coils) on hard bodies. For the innovative products the brand Intertechnik is born. The impetuous pioneering spirit does not diminish. Under the motto "Here you will find everything that makes the heart of the speaker beat better", Intertechnik has been a successful manufacturer and distributor of electronic, audio and hifi products for over 30 years. The know-how of Intertechnik is in demand with renowned loudspeaker manufacturers and large companies. The many years of consistent development of passive components and assemblies, as well as the experience in research and manufacturing have made us an excellent name worldwide. Today, Intertechnik is setting standards for loudspeaker construction from its home town of Kerpen. The high-quality electronic components from our own production - including all components for the perfect crossover network, the excellent capacitors from the Audyn brand and the innovative coils from the Intertechnik brand - are the first choice for high-end speaker technology requirements. Whether for home, in the car or on the stage.

"Hear you are" we put on our flag.

It is our goal to develop and offer the right products with the right quality, at the right price and for the right listening pleasure. It does not always have to be the expensive component, the right one for the application.

Quality, innovation and service are our top priority. Together with our partners, we develop electro-acoustic products of the highest quality. The constant increases in quality in the field of passive components and the further development of high-quality components will fulfill even in the highest audiophile requirements.


1973 Production of reels of anodised aluminum foil and wire coils made of anodised aluminum wire
1976 Start of production of load magnet coils up to 400 kg weight and metal detectors
1978 Relocation of the head office from the former school building to Kerpen / It is produced at three locations
1978 Start of the injection molding production on five own machines
1979 Intertechnik is considered by retailers as an insider tip for electronic components
1981 Fully automatic production line of coils
1982 First price list for the specialized trade
1983 Start of the production of capacitors (later Audyn) / merging of all divisions to Kerpen
1984 Beginning of production of film capacitors
1985 Start of printed circuit board production in etching technology
1987 Takeover of the representation of the company Seas
1988 Conception of the successful kits MS MICRO - MS 3 (reference Stereoplay) - MS 7 (golden clef)
1990 Launch of Corobar and Ferrobar Ferritte

1990 Start of environmentally friendly printed circuit board production in milling technology
1991 Start distribution of Elkos for the company Tesla (CZ)
1992 Launch Audyn Cap KPSN
1994 Launch Car Audio Speaker

1996 Lauch first MOX 10 Watt resistors
1999 Launch Tritec coil (7wire litz)
2000 Launch Audyn Cap Q4

2002 Launch Audyn Plus

2005 Lauch Audyn Reference Cap
2006 Lauch silver plated wire coil with thermoplastic wire (True Silver Coil)
2007 Launch Audyn True Silver Cap and Silver Gold Cap
2008 Launch Audyn High Speed Cap

2008 Lauch Multi-value components
2009 Launch Audyn True Copper

2015 Launch Audyn Cap Q2
2016 Launch True Copper Max