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2 way base module (large)

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50,81 €
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Manufacturer: Intertechnik

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Categories: Circuit boards
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Module PCB LP-L3/2W (Large) up to 18 dB The requirements for a passive crossover for loudspeakers are manifold. For the 2 way shelf speaker they look different than for the 3 way speaker. Common to all crossovers is that they consist of combinations of low pass and high pass filters as well as voltage dividers. With the IT. PCB system a large number of crossovers can be built with only 11 PCBs. The PCBs are offered in three sizes to accommodate small as well as high power handling (component sizes): L/M/S Base for the crossover of each combination is a PCB which allows the construction of a low pass and a high pass with voltage divider. 2-way base plate (small): (low pass 12 dB / high pass 12 or 18 dB ) 2-way base plate (medium / large): (low pass 12 dB / high pass 12 or 18 dB ) 2-way loudspeaker If a crossover is to be set up for a 2-way loudspeaker, one of the above PCBs is sufficient. 2 1/2-way loudspeaker If a 2-way loudspeaker combination is supplemented with an additional loudspeaker in the low frequency range, this is referred to as a 2 1/2-way combination. In addition to a 2-way base plate, a low-pass circuit board is required, which is available in three sizes: low-pass circuit board (small / medium / large): (low-pass 12 dB) 3-way speaker For the crossover section of the woofer you need, as with the 2 1/2-way combination, a low-pass PCB. The midrange driver is equipped with a high-pass and a low-pass, so that in addition to the 2-way basic PCB you need a high-pass PCB, which is also available in three sizes: High-pass PCB (small / medium / large) : (high-pass 12 dB) RLC equalisation Sometimes it is necessary to use corrective elements to influence the sound pressure or impedance response in addition to the basic crossover circuit. RLC

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