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BlockBoard LP07

RRP: 16,58 € incl. Vat.
16,58 €
incl. Vat. plus Delivery costs
13,93 € excl. Vat

Manufacturer: Intertechnik

Price incl all variants
incl. Vat.
Delivery: 1-2 days

6,55 € to Germany

Categories: Circuit boards
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Island PCB. Universal PCB with solder fields in chessboard design "BlockBoard LP 07" FR 4 150 x 75 x1.6 MM tin-plated with copper lamination for building crossovers including spacers. Island PCB for the construction of electronic circuits. Drill diameter: 1.6 mm Base material: FR 4 epoxy Tinning of the copper surface: 70 µm Copper lamination: 35 µm incl. 4 spacers.

Order-No. 1342756