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Symetrical Tritec Air Coils

Symetrical Tritec Air Coils

Symetrical Double Winding
Tritec 7x0.60 mm
High quality heat resistant Macrolon body Baking enamel wire
Tol. 2%

In the symmetrical Tritec coil, the windings on both sides of the coil are symmetrical with respect to the axis of the coil. The wire is wound tightly and in parallel alignment with each other. As a result, the windings are even on both sides of the central axis. This results in an even distribution of the magnetic field around the coil and helps to reduce electromagnetic interference and phase shifts.

There are several reasons why symmetrical Tritec windings as an air core coil can lead to better sound quality:

1. Minimising electromagnetic interference: Symmetrical Tritec air core coils reduce electromagnetic interference by making the magnetic field around the windings symmetrical. The symmetrical arrangement minimises the risk of unwanted electromagnetic coupling with other components, resulting in a clearer and cleaner sound.

2. reduction of phase shifts: Balanced Tritec air core coils can help minimise phase shifts that can occur in crossovers. Phase shifts can distort the sound and lead to unclean reproduction. By arranging the windings symmetrically, phase shift is reduced and more accurate sound reproduction is possible.

3. improved inductance and resistance: symmetrical Tritec air core coils have a more uniform inductance and resistance. This contributes to the stability and linearity of the crossover, which in turn leads to accurate reproduction of the audio signal. Accurate and even resistance matching is critical to keeping the sound consistent across the frequency spectrum.

4. lower distortion: Balanced Tritec air core coils can also contribute to lower distortion of the audio signal. By minimising magnetic interference and phase shifts, and improving impedance matching, distortion is reduced, resulting in more accurate and natural sound reproduction.

It is important to note that the impact of balanced coils on sound also depends on the optimisation of the other components and the specific application of a crossover. Nevertheless, symmetrical designs can have a great advantage on the sound.

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